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Virtual Private Servers

The performance and speed you need!

Support for OpenVZ and KVM (Full Virtualization)



Starting At

  • OpenVZ Virtualization
      (Linux Containers)

    What is OpenVZ?

    Requires a Linux operating system. Hard Drive Space, RAM and other options can be modified without reboot.

  • RAM 256MB to 8GB
  • HD 10GB to 1TB
  • IP Addresses 1+
  • Bandwidth 1-100Mb/s
  • Free Setup & Interworx



Starting At

  • Full Virtualization
    (Windows, ISO Images)

    What is KVM?

    KVM is a fully virtualized server. Supports custom ISOs and Windows.

  • RAM 256MB to 4GB
  • HD 10GB to 500GB
  • IP Addresses 1+
  • Bandwidth 1-100Mb/s
  • Always Free Setup!

Pro HACluster VPS


Starting At

  • Custom Designed for Mission Critical Apps
  • HAProxy Load Balancer
  • NAS Storage up to 2TB
  • Bandwidth up to 1GB
  • Built for Redundancy
  • Enterprise Backup
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Complete Control Over Your Virtual Server with Interworx

What is Interworx?

The InterWorx Hosting Control Panel is a Linux based dedicated server and VPS control panel. Interworx allows you to manage every aspect of your hosting account! Easily create email and FTP accounts, adjust spam settings, create and administrate MySQL databases, view log reports, manage DNS settings, all in an easy-to-use interface!

Comes Free with Your OpenVZ Hosting Account!

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