Interworx Control Panel

Interworx Control PanelInterWorx is web hosting control panel software developed by InterWorx LLC. The application is divided into two interfaces: NodeWorx, which is used by a server administrators to manage a server, and SiteWorx, which is used by a website owner to manage a particular web site.

Hosting with Interworx

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Interworx Licenses (w/ No Falcon Internet Hosting)

Interworx VPS (Unlimited Sites)
8.95/mo $
per month
Works only on Virtual Servers (VPS) Unlimited Sites
Interworx License (Unlimited Sites)
21.95/mo $
per month
Unlimited Site license for Non-Virtual, Physical Server
Interworx Standard (35 site license)
10.95/mo $
per month
Physical Server License but is limited to 35 Sites max.

Note: With Interworx Licenses, you must purchase the first month (whatever the balance of the month is, plus the next month on your initial purchase.)

Interworx Licenses

VPS License

$8.95/month* allows unlimited websites. License must be installed on a Virtual Server.
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