Falcon Cloud Servers (VPS)

Linux Cloud Servers by Falcon Internet

A Linux Cloud Server is a Virtual Private Server that runs in Falcon Internet’s Cloud Infrastructure. The Falcon Internet Cloud Server platform runs on VMWare, OpenVZ and KVM architecture. With OpenVZ, we can scale your server up and down, on demand without rebooting. Let Falcon Internet customize a solution for your exact needs. With OpenVZ, reboots are almost instantaneous since it uses a shared kernel. We can scale from 1 to 24 cores, up to 256GB RAM and up to 10TB per server!

Cloud Server Features

  • Powerful Enterprise Level Hardware with RAID 10
  • Choose from CentOS 6/7, Ubuntu, Debian, and other Linux Distros
  • Generous Bandwidth and Data Transfer with each plan!
  • Full root access, control every aspect of your server
  • Scale your server up or down (more memory, bandwidth, speed)
  • Multiple IPs Available, just $3/ea per month (1 included)
  • View Traffic Graphs, Reboot/Reinstall your server from our Control Panel
  • 24×7 Proactive Site Monitoring and Response
  • Optional Interworx Control Panel
  • Optional Backup Service
  • Free Technical Support from our friendly, knowledgeable staff

Cloud Server VPS

Control Your VPS Cloud Server

With our secure control panel, you can control every aspect of your Virtual Server. Reboot, reinstall the operating system, change the operating system, power up, power down. You can even change the password. If you are having problems, you can use the HTML 5 based KVM.

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Cloud Server Plans

Linux Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers are virtual, scalable, private servers you can deploy in our cloud infrastructure. For the ultimate in customizability, a Cloud Server is the best option. You get full root access and we can scale your server to the size you need in a few clicks!
VMWare Servers
Do you need full Virtualization? VMWare is our higher-end offering that supports full Virtualization. Contact Us to Order VMWare Servers