Over the past couple weeks, we’ve been developing this new website. A lot of our customers don’t know about all the types of things we offer.

Some of the lesser known services include Remote Support, Exchange Email Management, and Hosted PBX Phone Systems. I’d like to talk about one of these services today: Exchange Email Management.

A lot of our hosting customers want to use Exchange (actually most just call it Outlook), but to get all the cool features in Outlook, like Group Collaboration and Calendaring, you need a Microsoft Exchange Server. We’ve joined the Microsoft MSP Partner Program and are now offering Exchange Email plus Management.

Falcon Internet is a FULL SERVICE provider. We act like your IT team to provide you quality services at VERY affordable prices. You might wonder how this is different than regular Exchange? The point of management is that managing an Exchange Server (even one from Microsoft) has a lot of special settings you have to setup to get your company started and keep it going reliably. This includes things like DNS, email aliases, Skype or the new Microsoft Teams. We’ve spent all the time learning all this stuff so you don’t have to. Trust us, you don’t want to.

Instead of paying your IT Guy to come set this up for you, and spend 4-5 hours talking to you and then getting a bill from them for $500, we’ve streamlined the process and just charge a simple cost of $9/month per user. This includes all the setup, adds, removes and changes, etc. Did you add another employee? Just shoot us a text, send an email or give us a call and we’ll add it in no time at all. Did you have an employee quit and you need to secure their account? We can handle that too! We can even migrate your mail for you or push an old employee’s email to another user to take over.

The point is simple. We take the complex tasks of managing an Exchange server and making it as simple as a phone call, text or email. We know you have a business to run and you don’t need to spend hours figuring this stuff out. We’ve got you covered! If you’d like us to take over your Exchange Email, or get to migrated to Exchange, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help you get going.